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About For Fuel Freedom

For Fuel Freedom, Inc. (a.k.a. “3F Inc. Biofuels©”) has developed economically sustainable biofuels production technology, through an integrated ethanol and bio-diesel hybrid production system and process, called “The Big-E”SM

3F Inc’s technological edge is sustainable, abundant, and carbon-reduction fuel and energy, that is consumer-friendly and seamless with known infrastructure.  3F’s 3F Inc's integrated system converts waste into bio-fuels and renewable energy in an economically and envrionmentally safe manner.economically sustainable bio-fuels generate significant energy gains and high product yield from a synthesis between algae and certain microbes found in biomass wastes and the ocean.  It outperforms, both in yield and return, any similar vehicle bio-fuel production system, process, or feedstock to date.  The process is disassociated from the destructive influence and global economic dilemma caused by fossil fuels and grain-based bio-fuels, primarily corn.

3F Inc practices feasible climate reversal using least-invasive ecology.  3F Inc believes in proper stewardship of the Earth and its resources, so as to heal its nations and lands, air, and waters for the freedom of its communities and all its people while establishing cooperation in enterprise for equitable deeds.

3F Inc's Story

One of the company's primary Founders and the Inventor, Stephen L. Rush, is generally an outspoken govermental policy wonk and contrary economist who would often speak to friends and family about issues he found alarming.  He had many conversations regarding the economy with Duane Chandler, a close friend and contrary investment advocate.  After being confronted by Duane's data on Kondratieff Wave economic cycles and soon coming global peak oil trends, Stephen, sometime in 2005, had hoped to God that there was a way to stave off or shorten the predicted economic winter in the United States.

“The people of this great nation envision a world that is free from pollution and economic woes at the hand and games of the wealthy.”  ·~Stephen L. Rush

Stephen left AMCCI in 2006, a heavy civil construction contractor, and began to pursue the idea of an environmentally safe vehicle fuel that could be produced in sufficient quantities to make up for the looming oil shortfall.  It would also have to work with existing infrastructure, because there is little time to refit so many fueling stations and cars with something entirely different before a crisis might take place.  So, Stephen focussed on cracking the code to making ethanol yield more economically sustainable.

Having an accounting background, Stephen was comfortable with programming spreadsheets and numeric formulas.  His first job out of high school had a lot to do with waste processing.  Drawing from these two seemingly incompatible experiences, Steve worked his way backwards from fuel demand quantities, and an estimated amount of trash per person that could be used to make fuel, to arrive at a target number.  Stephen says, "This is the premise of creativity and innovation - start with the compassion for a need and find ways to meet that need."  He views most new technology is not what he considers to be true invention, but is regurgitation of old ideas put into a new box.  "Without compassion," he says, "there is no story to it, there is little purpose for the invention, and there is no compelling reason to buy the end product."

3F Inc's integrated system converts waste into bio-fuels and renewable energy in an economically and envrionmentally safe manner.Being accustomed to putting things that do not normally go together to form something new, Stephen realized that conventional ethanol by itself did not yield anywhere near enough to meet demand.  Throughout the summer, he pondered ways of increasing the biomass used in ethanol production without adding more material externally.  On August 13th, during a family trip to Arizona to visit some friends in 2006, Stephen was impressed to conduct further research through a particular website that described what a new source of energy might have in it.  The website confirmed Stephen was on the right track - the idea was to use organisms.  The same organisms he was paid to disinfect and dispose of many years prior, had now found a new use.

Throughout the coming months, several friends contributed to the colaborative "armchair detective" style research and outsourcing needed to work through the exploratory process of initial design.  But Stephen was always tweeking with it, finding ways to improve upon ideas that everyone else had thought "was good enough."  To this day, he likes to pour over aspects of its economics and design, always making adjustments that would improve some part of the internal workings, mixtures, or flow process - especially after he would read about another dilemma that competitors are struggling with.  And, he would leave the building of the prototypes to technology partners, so he could focus on the vision for the company and the inventions.

A Company Is Born

The year following that initial trip, Stephen's friends from Arizona were among the first to invest in this exciting breakthrough, along with new friends introduced through pastors that Stephen and his wife had known for many years.  Up to this point, the Rush's were still considering the viability and potential of the business, and desired clarity as to whether this course of action would be healthy to pursue.  One pastor, accustomed to speaking over their lives with direction and encouragement when either would visit, had said as much regarding it.  And with newly found resources, they were reenergized for the next phase of development.

“The people who are involved in this company, of whatever capacity, are here to serve the community through their love, life, and leadership.”  ·~Stephen L. Rush

That is not all there is to the story, though.  This is a story of triumph despite extreme hardships, both personally and corporately, that did not come except with great pain.  Anytime Stephen used to travel by plane, he suffered from severe dehydration and excruciating migranes with every increment in altitude and air pressure.  During this time, Stephen and Raquel fought numerous battles, both personally and legally, in order to get educational, health, and theraputic services for their autistic son.  And, Stephen suffered from severe kidney stones after numerous remedies and alternative treatments for several years until just recently.  One of the investors from Arizona also suffered from bladder difficulties while his son was unjustly accused of wrong doing.  Another had her garage door run into and demolished while threats were laid at her doorstep.  Others involved in the company had similar stories about themselves, family, or their close friends while supporting the business with their time and equity.

During that time, sleep was either a luxury or a need.  All this was going on when the business was just getting started.  And, what a start it was.  The company signed two contracts late 2008 at the cusp of what is now called the Great Recession - which Stephen predicted would not occur until closer to 2011.  With the economy in doubt, investor confidence waned, and disputes over the contracts emerged, both inside and outside the board room.  The company restructured its leadership, pulled through, and found how to make the best of it.  The company acquired new technologies and partnerships, many of them through ABC Corporation - which came as a result of Stephen's political contacts.

Suffice to say, none of this is what anyone expected.  These experiences brought the tenacity to endure and the courage to fight early on.  Stephen led the company to make better choices and better commitments, so it may have better collaboration.  The company is now thriving, launching into new frontiers and in new countries around the globe.

3F's Approach

3F Inc's integrated system converts waste into bio-fuels and renewable energy in an economically and envrionmentally safe manner.

3F Inc’s proprietary and patented systems and methods produce bio-fuels and renewable energies from wastes, like trash.  Predominately, the system is designed for high volume production of ethanol fuel.  It yields greater quantities of ethanol fuel than sugarcane, switchgrass, or jatropha – and more than cellulose and corn combined.  These carbon-negative biorefineries have been verified to produce as much as 4.3 times over other cellulosic processes, 3.4 times more than corn ethanol, and twice as much as sugarcane.

“3F Inc. is Economically Sustainable and Environmentally Sound BiofuelsSM.”

Looking Forward

Statements about For Fuel Freedom’s future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other statements contained herein or introduced other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as the term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  For Fuel Freedom’s actual results could differ materially from expected results.  For Fuel Freedom undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently occurring events or circumstances.  Should events occur which materially affect any comments made within this objective, For Fuel Freedom will appropriately inform the public.

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