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Climate Changes

Sifting Through The Facts

The issue of the environment seems to have the most misinformation and confusion these days.  Some people do not know what to think because there seems to be conflicting research data.  And, some of it sounds very convincing – as long as one ignores the gut feeling that something is not quite right.  It also appears there is significant discussion whether global warming truly exists, and from that has come many questions whether environmental policy is necessary or even how much is appropriate.  But, one cannot begin to evaluate appropriate intervention until one has a better understanding of what is really happening.

How is someone supposed to know what is real?  There has to be a better way to sift through all the facts and sensory data.  We are here to help.

So, for those who want a common sense approach, or for skeptics that do not think global warming is real, we can provide you with key facts.  That way, you may compare for yourself – so you may decide on your own what you really believe.  Only then can you discover what is the truth.

Are The Affects of Greenhouse Gases On Global Temperature Man-made?

The notion that human involvement is having an environmental impact that has been resulting in climate change is a very politicized issue.  We do not believe the rhetoric that this is 100% due to our collective human footprint, nor do we believe the changes to the global climate are 100% natural.  Rather, we are convinced that manufactured pollutants have simply upset the Earth’s balance.

Here is some verifiable data as food for thought that helped to convince us:

Comparison of Glacial Melt Over Time

Myth: Glacial melt today is well within the range of Earth’s cycles found in its ice cores.

Concern: If glacial melt today is well within the range of Earth’s natural climate cycles over 10’s of thousands of years, how does one explain that the rapid changes in glacial melt over the past 100 years as being something other than man-made?

Fact: In terms of quantity, it is true glacial melt today is in keeping with what the Earth has experienced historically.  However, it is also true the range of glacial melt is supposed to take place over 10’s of thousands of years.

Evidence: How can someone explain away the time interval between these pictures revealing rapid glacial melt – unless human interference has something to do with it?


Scientific Definitions of Comparing Smog and Volcanic Ash

Myth: Man-made CO2 throughout history could not possibly affect the atmosphere because volcanoes produce more carbon than that in just one eruption.

Concern: If that is true, then why is it that smog creates an inversion layer that heats the Earth, and the sulfur in volcanic ash clouds cools the atmosphere?

Fact: Smog creates an inversion layer, and volcanoes don’t.  Smog traps not only pockets of air, but also traps heat like a greenhouse.  Volcanic ash is spewed into the upper atmosphere and contains particles that reflect sunlight.

Evidence: The scientific definitions below suggest an inversion layer has the opposite affect on temperature than what volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere does.


Maps of CO2 Emissions in the US and the Globe

Myth: The globe is not affected by isolated pockets of trapped smog.

Concern: Isn't it true that polluters in Texas recently fought the EPA over being penalized for not having control over emissions that moved outside of their state?

Fact: CO2 emissions can move outside of their local area.

Evidence: Atmospheric transport models show CO2 emissions movement.



Glacial Melt Reduces Salt Content and Increases Ocean Temperature

Myth: The temperature has not really changed all that much because we use faulty weather sensor data.

Concern: How can scientists question significant temperature change, when weather equipment technology is improving?  In addition, coastal flooding and hurricane intensity is increasing.  That would suggest an inverse trend of faulty equipment data to weather phenomenon, rather than showing a relationship.

Fact: Weather sensor data equipment has improved, and extreme weather has intensified every decade.

Evidence: The ocean surface temperature has been increasing, resulting in more violent storm systems, and is suspected to come from pockets of fresh water attributed to glacial melt water due to rising average global temperatures.



Who Stands To Lose From Climate Change

Myth: If we ignore climate change, it will correct itself because it never existed in the first place.

Concern: Do fossil fuel companies stand to lose something from global warming?

Fact: Fossil-fuel companies stand to lose political clout and great wealth from global warming facts.

Supposition: If man-made global warming is not real, then it truly would not matter what we do because there would be no way to prevent it.  However, if climate change is due to greenhouse gas emissions from human impact, then it does matter.  Not only would the act of correcting climate change have a positive outcome, but it is expected to also have little adverse effects on the economy overall, assuming green technologies have similar economies of scale as their fossil fuel counterparts.  So, there is no reason not to act.

Evidence: Nearly all accredited scientists from literally every field of study to date all have come to the conclusion climate change is occurring due to some amount of human interference (such as; AASC, AAAS, ACIA, ACS, AGI, AGU, AIP, AIPG, AMS, AMOS, APS, ASA, AAP, ACPM, AMA, APHA, AMQUA, AAWV, AIBS, ASM, ACRS, AAS, ASA, CFCAS, CFES, CMOS, CSSA, EFG, EGU, EPS, ESF, FASTS, GSA, GSL, IAGLR, IB UK, INQUA, IPENZ, IUGG, NAGT, NRC US, RMS UK, Royal Society New Zealand, Royal Society UK, SAF, SSSA, TIEA, TWS Int’l, UNFCC, USGCRP, WFPHA, WMO, WHO; etc.).  This includes the collective National Academy of Sciences, InterAcademy Council, and International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences.  Although just a few accredited scientist groups have revised their official statements to say they are not certain what is attributed to the rise in overall mean temperature, they still agree climate change is real and worsening, and will continue to worsen without intervention (AASC, AGI, AIPG, CFES, etc.).  There is only one accredited group of scientists who does not support global warming (American Association of Petroleum Geologists).  Non-accredited science institutions are paid for their research by corporate interests (such as; Heartland Institute, Marshall Institute; etc.).

Conclusion: The AAPG and non-accredited scientists have attempted to confuse the issue.  Research studies that include emotional hype, or are based on flimsy causal relationships, cannot be trusted.

“In those days there was no king, everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” – Ancient Commentary, 1045 B.C.

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