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Statement of Impact

For Fuel Freedom (3F Inc Biofuels), and its economically sustainable bio-fuels technology, are the answers to the political-economic dilemma that key policymakers are now facing regarding future supply and costs of peak oil.  3F Inc Biofuels intends to build, own, operate, sublicense, and lease facilities with this technology, and generate revenues from the production of its renewable energy and bio-fuels products at least at a rate consistent with an expected petroleum shortfall (see Petroleum Transition Plan).  3F Inc Biofuels desires but has yet to form a partnership with a public company for greater exposure and impact.

Corporate Structure

For Fuel Freedom, Inc. began as a Nevada “C” corporation based in USA, with shareholders in Arizona, California, Nevada, the Midwest and Oregon.  Company was incorporated in the State of Nevada in January of 2008, and its research and development partners, Wise Landfill Recycling and Mining, Incorporated since August of 2007.  The Company signed technology-license with US Greenergy, Inc. in the Fall of 2008.  The Company has partnered with Alliance BioConversions Corporation (ABCC) in 2010 to further expand its facilities, products, and capabilities.  It has nominal capital and considers its substantive worth based on its intellectual property and licensing rights.  For Fuel Freedom expects to transition its business to California sometime in 2013, to take advantage of recent flex-purpose laws.

3F Inc Biofuels is a company formed to develop technologies to profitably transform various kinds of wastes (food stuffs, green waste, manure, trash, forest understory, wastewater) as well as other pollutants (greenhouse gases and fossil fuel spills).  3F Inc Biofuels takes these wastes and turns them into usable energy and motor vehicle propulsion products such as ethanol and bio-diesel.

Corporate Readiness

3F Inc has an experienced Team that is ready with very little notice, in areas such as operations, construction, and innovation (see Experience).  But, unlike many industries that require elaborate set-up or pre-installation, 3F Inc Biofuels simply will mobilize its vast network of manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, personnel and distributors.  In addition, 3F Inc Biofuels has the green light from governmental agencies, and qualifies for EPA waivers for environmental impact and storage because spillage and pollution are so rediculously nominal, while the benefits are so enormous.

3F Inc Biofuels is also able to expand its technological base through some of best in the business.  3F has formed a technology partnership for the creation of Rotondo-Rush Oxy-fuelSM carbon-dioxide capture process, and has been licensed US Greenergy's Mixed Cultivation Algae Biorefinery.  3F Inc Biofuels also has a technology sharing pact with ABCC, who generously offered to share their BioFuels© and BioSoils© process, and its full trash system, to generate additional fuels.  ABC Corp has also accepted the offer to provide its counsel to 3F's board.

Corporate Cause

In honor of Dorothy Stang's work in Brazil, we chime in to say:

"The death of the forest is the end of life."

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