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Team Profile

3F Inc has teams throughout North America and Africa, with scouts in South America and Europe.  The persons below hold key positions.

About The Team

George Tirutya
Development Projects

George Tirutya, ConstructionGeorge Tirutya leads Katinta Construction Company, Ltd. as General Director.  George has acquired biogas production technology from the United Kingdom, utilizing local farm wastes.  He has modified its design to produce fertilizer, and has added his own brand of innovation by making the gas portable with integrated systems provided by 3F Inc Biofuels through a technology sharing pact.  Katinta is the leader in rural cooking energy and construction of renewable energy projects in Uganda.  George serves on the Board of joint ventures with 3F Inc. in Africa.

Henry Damulira
Production Coordinator

Henry Damulira, OperationsHenry Damulira graduated from The College of Business Studies at Cambridge Regional in the UK with an emphasis in Accounting and Business Studies.  While there, Henry gained experience serving the Cambridge Shire County Council.  Babbages in USA took him under their wing, which prepared him for brokering recent real estate deals.  At MMRX, also a US firm, Henry specialized in modeling business decisions and strategies. 

From there, Henry oversaw a small team as a Senior Accountant with Bulamba Technical Services Ltd.  Later, he climbed up the ladder at Bwanga Technical Services Ltd. to become Managing Director.  As a Manager for an Immigration and Relocation Consultancy in Africa, Henry provided relocation services, immigration documentation, business establishment, and governmental compliance.  Henry’s diverse background, business acumen, and experience make him an esteemed member of the team, but it is his ability to coordinate complex schedules and projects that make him a perfect fit for operations.

Dana Stewart
Advocacy and Marketing

Dana Stewart, AdvocacyDana Stewart founded an alliance of entrepreneurs and affiliated consultants for a variety of applications of non-polluting, state-of-the-art green technologies worldwide.  Dana has developed technologies for building-integrated energy systems and sustainable green building materials.  She acquired beneficial microbes to aid in the sustainable production of agriculture and aquaculture through waste conversion and various wastewater treatments.

Dana's extensive global experience covers contract negotiation, intellectual property rights, and regulatory agency protocols.  Dana secures capital drawing from her familiarity with financial strategies, her marketing background, and negotiating expertise.  Dana has participated in multilateral US trade missions, summits and forums, worldwide.  She contributes regular editorials, and makes presentations on green technologies and green jobs training at every skill level.  Dana advocates proven systems that turn waste streams into revenue streams for a healthy people and healthy economies.

Alex Ntale
General Administrator

Alex Ntale, AdministratorAlex Ntale is an accomplished Economist with a Msc degree in policy studies from the South African Regional Institute for Policy Studies, University of Zimbabwe, Fort Hare and a bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science, Makerere University.  She is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, UK.

Alex has over 30 years of experience from the Central Bank of Uganda where she retired with the rank of a Deputy Director in the Research Department of the Bank.  She has co-authored several policies that are currently being implemented, such as Private Sector Capital flows (PCF), informal cross-border trade, and Personal Transfers.  Currently, Alex maintains the coordination of corporate activities; she provides general advice to the company executives and management.  Alex will oversee Human Resources and Finance.

Zackary Andrews

Zack Andrews, CommunicationsZack Andrews served as Vice President of Green Initiative for Village Empowerment and has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs in a local business setting.  He has broad skills in labor, community, and international relations, and works well with people, both clients and colleagues alike.

Zack has leadership experience building successful teams in an array of industries, including Hospitality Supervisor for hundreds of clients at an exclusive Mountains Resort, Lead Contact for a prominent building materials manufacturer in the heart of the West, and as Event Coordinator at a Historical and Preservation museum.  This ability to lead others in a variety of environments is key to communications, both within the company and before the public.

About The Lead Founder

Stephen L. Rush
Chief Executive

World Green Energy Symposium Bio
Other Articles

Stephen L. Rush, CEO.Stephen L. Rush is a contrary economist, business strategist, and inventor, who takes after his great uncle who co-invented the Slawski Swivel ironing board, perfectly fitting For Fuel Freedom’s goals and objectives for acquiring opportunities to help other businesses thrive in a production-stifled economy.  Stephen combined his experience with refuse management, and his dad's family penchant for liquor manufacturing, into a fuel-from-waste empire (see Making Alcohol).

Stephen has had a very successful career as a manager over rapid growth-rapid decline trends, as well as steering through political changes and impacts to industry.  Stephen began his career in management as an Assistant Controller, programming spreadsheets for accounting.  When receiving his degree in Business Management and Accounting from California Polytechnic in Pomona, Stephen was awarded with a sash of distinction from the Professionals In Human Resources Association.

Stephen joined a successful team of entrepreneurs in 2005 as CFO, for a heavy civil construction company that builds passenger light rail and freeway overpasses in the greater Los Angeles basin.  Also prior to founding For Fuel Freedom, Mr. Rush successfully launched two pioneer businesses and managed complex teams for design-on-the-go scenarios.  Over 15 years experience in corporate management, strategy design, project development, growth transition, finance, and operations, makes Stephen a multi-faceted asset to his company and its affiliated integrated technology partners.

About The Inventor

Stephen also happens to be the inventor.  Steve came up with the idea for the Organic HydrolysisSM and Expansive FeedstockSM cellulosic ethanol method within a hybrid bio-fuels system as a means to exceed current global bio-fuel productivity capabilities.  Stephen led 3F Inc’s successful Research and Development trials in 2006.  Steve’s invention for enzymatic hydrolysis in a cellulosic ethanol process is prominently featured as having proven how ethanol can be made out of textile cotton waste in the Journal of Eco-biotechnology, April 2011.

Instead of merely attempting to improve on existing processes, Discernably, For Fuel Freedom is the key to worldwide production of bio-fuels and renewable energy.Steve sought new methods that were capable of reaching close to his target numbers.  Stephen’s mathematics skills were apparent in junior high when he developed algebraic formulas from scratch for the math science fair.  He went on to create the long formula and algorithm that would diagnose what components are essential for the proprietary, and multi-patented systems and processes, to produce sufficient amounts of fuel to meet demand in the United States. 

Complimenting his analytical ability, Stephen is accomplished in a variety of industries and is able to adapt quickly to the integration of related technologies. 

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