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Systems & Licensing

Systems Available

The following systems are currently available worldwide, with technologies available in most regions either directly or through our technology partners:

3F Inc's Hybrid System with Conventional Pretreatment (hydrolysis)
Ratio (in gallons)
 1 Ethanol : 1.6 Bio-diesel & Bio-oil
Rendering of 3F Inc's proprietary and patented hybrid ethanol and bio-diesel technology
Credit: Shelly Harrison Photography 

1-9 million gallons of ethanol per year:

3F Inc's proprietary and patented hybrid ethanol and bio-diesel system can be built to fit any size of project, because the hybrid is profitable at nearly any size.  Produces ethanol and bio-diesel, with glass aggregate as a by-product.  Extra to make portable.

Sample of a medium-scale ethanol distillery 

10-45 million gallons of ethanol per year:

Produces ethanol, bio-diesel and bio-oil.  Features to be added include bio-fertilizer, wind, solar, and wood pellets.  Options available are atmospheric H2O, as well as bio-jet fuel and bio-plastics products.

An operational hybrid ethanol and bio-diesel biorefinery 

50-350 million gallons of ethanol per year:

Produces ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-oil, and surplus electricity.  Sequesters CO2 from nearby power plants.  Other options available are desalinization, wastewater treatment, and DC current for the power grid.

Note: Prices vary depending on system, climate, and other factors.  Please call to order a proposal for your project.


For Fuel Freedom, Inc. is the world-wide licensee of Technology from Wise Landfill Recycling Mining, Inc for development, use, and production of bio-fuels and renewable energy for the transportation fuel market and consumer.  For Fuel Freedom, Inc., at its sole discretion, is prepared to offer Sublicenses for its Technology nationally and worldwide in select countries.

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