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Community Ideals

Community Model

We service the community by cleaning up the soil, the water, and the air, while making the community environmentally safer and healthier.  We offer a viable and reliable alternative fueling system that can be produced locally, distributed locally, and sold locally.  We engineer a practical product both to consumers who care for affordable pricing and those who care about the environment.  We manufacture a convenient product to the community that the community endorses while employing the local community.  We provide a total solution to every person within our reach.  

National Model

For Fuel Freedom (3F Inc Biofuels) offers eco-friendly products in an economically sound platform with an eye toward oil independence with infrastructure reliability already built in.  We preserve a nation’s legacy by supplying a unique and affordable solution to a growing economical and ecological problem (click to see our views on the Climate).  We assist ethanol competitors whose processes are technologically inferior or whose economies have reached a threshold.  We enable petroleum competitors who wish to profit through a positive and alternative model of the energy transition from fossil fuels.  We encourage auto manufacturers to look beyond former alternative fuel supply assumptions.  We provide a total solution to a Western dilemma that will soon affect the entire world in 2014 (see Solving the Economic-Politics of Peak Oil).

Global Model

We invest in lives through restoration of communities devastated by environmental calamities.  We offer hope to refugees of Hurricane Katrina and Tsunamis (as profits allow).  We challenge the right of glaciers to accelerate and of our oceans to kill non-migratory species.  We challenge the right of the Earth to expand the Sahara Desert and African Famines.  We provide a total solution to a global crisis. 

In honor of Dorothy Stang's work in Brazil, we chime in to say:

"The death of the forest is the end of life."

Revitalization and Restoration

If you enjoy the reading the lengthy details behind how 3F Inc Biofuels seeks to accomplish its community-based goals, click on Revitalize & Restore.

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