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3F Inc’s hybrid biorefinery would remove Volatile Organic Compounds and millions of metric tonnes of CO2 that has to be sequestered from nearby power plants and from local industry while converting trash to fuel. 3F Inc's proprietary and patented Hybrid Ethanol and Bio-diesel(SM) system and process can not only mitigate against carbon emissions, but a portion of each system is designed to contribute a positive influence on many common economic and environmental global concerns.

Impact to the Community

Economic Growth

The U.S. consumes 112.3b gallons gasoline, and 51.4b gallons of diesel.  3F Inc’s basic biorefinery would produce 110.5 million gallons of ethanol per year for passenger vehicle fuel, along with 177.8M gal. bio-oil that can be made or further refined into bio-diesel for trucks, bio-jet fuel, bio-plastics, and bio-solvents.  What is significant is that as few as 103 biorefineries can make up the expected shortfall in petroleum in the U.S. when global oil peaks in 2014 (see Solving the Global Economic−Politics of Peak Oil).

3F's full-scale bio-refinery should stimulate job creation in 106 companies throughout the region and beyond.  Most of these businesses would normally reside in surrounding communities and industrial centers in the greater city area, but some even may not exist yet and must be created.  Not including the countless number of cargo freighters that could benefit, and aside from the 30 or so manufacturers needed to construct this facility, the production of ethanol, wood pellets, bio-diesel, and bio-oil, as well as crops and organisms for enzymes used in the processes is projected to positively impact 2,142 known business sectors as the following table demonstrates:

Table 4.3 Business Impact by Design

Business Affected by 3F's Service & Supply Intended Purchases

• 50 Growers (120,000 tons [108,863 tonnes] of crop waste, and
 8,243 tons [7,478 tonnes] of vegetable enzymes for proprietary systems).
• 30 Farmers (240,000 tons [217,726 tonnes] of compost, and livestock waste).
• 8 Dumps (360,000 tons [326,590 tonnes] of garbage).
• 8 Power Plants (93.2 million tons [84.5 M tonnes] of CO2 for algae).
• 5 Material Suppliers (cleansers, enzymes, filters, nutrients, yeast).
• Up to 15 Haulers (aquatic weeds, crop & forestry waste, horticulture, rubbish).
• 2 Labs (algae testing / production).

Business Attracted by 3F's Goods To Be Made Available For Sale

• 2,000 U.S. Fuel stations (688 M gallons of E85 fuel per year, 2,604 M ltr.).
• 12 U.S. Fuel stations (4.05 million gallons of E10 fuel per year, 15.3 M ltr.).
• 3 Fuel distributor types (ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-oil).
• 3 Utilities (electric, water, garbage).
• Wood Pellet vendors (heat source).
• 2 Building Material Components (geo-polymers, bio-plastics).

Environmentally Sound Practice

3F Inc can use nearly any waste stream to make its legendary bio-fuels.3F Inc’s 110.5 MGPY hybrid plant would produce merely
5 tons per year (tpy) of Volatile Organic Compounds, and in exchange, extract 84.5 million metric tonnes of CO2 sequestered from nearby power plants, or from local industry.  At the same time, this facility can divert 560,770 tons (508,720 tonnes) a year of horticulture waste, forestry pulp by-product, and trash (rubbish). 

Likewise, ethanol replaces MTBE as a fuel additive in gasoline, for which, MTBE has been known to create toxic plumes that seeps into ground water and destroys the environment.  In addition, 3F Inc’s 110 MGPY distillery would provide an additional 134.1 MGPY (508 M Liters) of bio-oil to be refined into other products.  3F Inc's proprietary and patented hybrid ethanol and bio-diesel system and process can not only mitigate against harmful carbon emissions, but a portion of each system is designed to contribute a positive influence on many of the common economic and environmental global concerns:

3F Inc's proprietary and patented hybrid ethanol and bio-diesel system and process can not only mitigate against carbon emissions, but many other common environmental matters.

"A healthy environment makes for a healthy people and a healthy economy."

Consumer Impact

The purpose of 3F’s ethanol and bio-diesel biorefinery is to improve lives through real community transformation, and profit becomes merely a healthy byproduct.  An entire region it serves could increase its economic activity in energy, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing, and its citizenry can benefit from reduction in labor intensive toxic sources of energy, while experiencing improved health and nutrition, as well as accessible and upwardly mobile education.  The installation of an economically viable and environmentally sound renewable fuel facility in the area can enhance the productivity of the region and reduce actual poverty, and ensure the success of similar projects.

That productivity can be enhanced primarily through renewable fuel exports in the 3F Inc can use nearly any waste stream to make its legendary bio-fuels.form of ethanol made from wastes, such as in the graphic at left.  The desired effect of this is a significant step toward energy independence in countries that want energy.  Biofuel production will be crucial to stave off the 7.385% oil scarcity (projected using May 2001 African data) that is expected in 2014, as foretold by Kuwaiti scientists.  Unlike oil products that are associated with so many unintended economic consequences, the economics of bio-fuels made from wastes co-exists with the existing population and can always produce relative to however much fuel is needed.  Energy output is increased by supplementing power generators with bio-diesel production.  In addition, the act of removing food wastes and weeds will bring greater relief to landfills needing to meet diversion quotas.

A secondary economic activity that will occur as a result of the bio-fuel production, is increasing sustainable demand for horticultural by-products.  Specifically, the utilization of manure, crop residue, and other green waste will enhance the production of renewable energy.  Greenhouses, with E-Z hydroponic bays, will be commissioned by the Company to produce the enzymes, nutrients, and other metabolic reactions required for 3F Inc’s processes.

Corporate intervention, the third major economic incidence, is where the company will sponsor local community programs following 3 – 5 months of continuous product sales.  3F intends to invest in the community one third (⅓) of its profits.  Intervention, as profits allow, may include school lunches, equipment, school supplies and books, well-constructed affordable housing, health clinics and medical equipment.

Specifically, the lunches increase the demand for agriculture and encourage future economic mobility among the impoverished.  Stackable modular apartments (flats) for poorer residents in economically distressed or calamity affected areas will reduce the need to forage for energy and foster the propensity to have a stable family, health, and economic environment.  This increases demand for raw materials and gives landlords the opportunity to invest in flats placed on top of the first module.  3F Inc. will also contribute to existing or the establishing of medical clinics in targeted resident populations that are supported by 3F’s biorefinery, where both modern and holistic medicine will be provided under the care of a qualified doctor, dentist, and nutritionist.

For 3F's philosophy on community impact, take a look at Ideals.

Looking Forward

Statements about For Fuel Freedom’s future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other statements contained herein or introduced other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as the term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  For Fuel Freedom’s actual results could differ materially from expected results.  For Fuel Freedom undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently occurring events or circumstances.  Should events occur which materially affect any comments made within this objective, For Fuel Freedom will appropriately inform the public.

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